The City of Harrison Building Code regulates commercial, 1, 2 and 3 family construction and accessory structures such as fences, walls, sheds, pools, mechanical replacement and garages, as well as all nonresidential structures and mechanical systems. The purpose of this code is to provide minimum standards in the form of basic and uniform regulations relating to safety, sanitation and conservation of energy.

Inspection Arrangements

It is the owner's responsibility to call the Inspection Department at 513-202-8494 to arrange for the necessary inspections for a given project. A 24-hour notice is required for any given inspection.
Please note:  Electrical and plumbing inspections are required when applicable and need to be carried out by the following:

ELECTRIC:     Inspection Bureau Incorporated
                        250 W. Court St.
                        Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
                        (513) 381-6080

PLUMBING:    Hamilton County Board of Health
                        250 William Howard Taft
                        Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
                        (513) 946-7852
The following inspections are mandatory for a given construction project:
New Construction, including additions:
1.  Zoning approval of location
2.  Soil inspection
3.  Rough plumbing inspection
4.  Rough electrical inspection
5.  Framing inspection
6.  Insulation inspection
7.  Final plumbing inspection
8.  Final electrical inspection

Sheds (over 200 SF) and Retaining Walls:
1.  Zoning approval of location
2.  Final inspection
1.  Footing inspection before concrete is poured
2.  Final inspection

 Swimming Pools:
1.  Zoning approval of location 
2.  Soil inspection, after excavation is complete (in-ground only)
3.  Final electrical inspection
4.  Required fence with latched gate is installed
5.  Final inspection - MUST HAVE IBI APPROVAL

Mechanical Replacement:
1.  Final electrical inspection
2.  Final inspection-MUST HAVE IBI APPROVAL