Juvenile Referee Court

Harrison Juvenile Referee Court was instituted by the City of Harrison to divert 1st-time offenders referred on misdemeanor crimes from the official court system. When the juvenile attends court, even if he/she admits to the charge, he/she will still have no criminal juvenile record. However, the contact will remain on file with the Harrison Police Department.

You are not required to consent to this hearing. If you wish, your case can be heard on an official basis. For official action you may ask that your case be referred to the Hamilton County Juvenile Court, at
800 Broadway Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

During the Hearing

At the Referee Court hearing the charge will be read by the court officer and the juvenile will be asked to enter a plea that they admit or deny the allegation of the charge. If the plea is that they admit to the charge, the facts of the case will be discussed and any or all of the following dispositions may be made:
  • Admonishment
  • Writing assignment
  • House arrest
  • Probation
  • Restriction of privileges
  • Curfew
  • Parental driver license suspension
  • Personal apology to the victim
  • Referral to community resources for counseling or family therapy
  • Suggested arrangement of restitution
  • Referral to specific corrective programs
Harrison Juvenile Referee Court is operated and maintained by the Harrison Police Department. Officer Bobby Seiter is currently assigned as the Juvenile Court Officer.

Juvenile Court Referee
The cases are heard before the Juvenile Court Referee, Deborah McKenery. Deborah has been a voluntary referee for the Harrison community since 1993. She is an attorney at law and licensed in both Ohio and Indiana. Her office is located in downtown Harrison.