Water Policies, Regulations & Rates

  2023 Water Rates

1) WATER METER PRICE LIST - Orion Transmitter-equipped Meters

NOTE: These are the only meters that can be legally used within the
City of Harrison and they must be purchased from the City of Harrison.
Summer Meters $150.00
Disc Meters New Meter w/RTR
Disc Meters Register & Orion
5/8-inch x 1/2-inch or 518-inch x 3/4-inch Model 25 $193
3/4-inch Model 35 $193
1-inch Model 70 $342.10
1-1/2-inch Model 120 $538.76
2-inch Model 170 $756.32

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person, other than an authorized agent or employee of the City, to remove, install, alter, or in any manner, tamper with, a water meter within the City or within any territory now serviced or which may hereafter be serviced by the City water system, without the express authorization of the City.

(b) When any such water meter has been unlawfully removed, installed, altered, or in any manner tampered with, it shall be unlawful to use water supplied by the service branch to which the meter is or was attached.

(c) When any water meter shall be found to have been unlawfully removed, installed, altered, or in any manner tampered with, the water shall be shut off forthwith and shall not be turned on again until payment has been made for the estimated amount of water used plus such fee as determined by Council, and until such time as the unlawful installation, alteration or tampering has been corrected as authorized by the City. (1993 Code 53.01)


(a) Definitions. For the purpose of this section the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

WATER SERVICE BRANCH. The connection between the water main and private property.

WATER SERVICE CONNECTION. The physical connection of a service branch with a water main.

(b) (1) Where a water service branch is installed, the City shall repair and maintain it or replace it with a branch of the same size, without charge, from the main to the curb line or street edge.

(2) Repair, replacement and maintenance of the water line and other plumbing from the street edge or curb line to a building shall be the responsibility of the private property owner.

(3) Where the property owner desires a service branch of a size different from the existing branch, he shall make application and pay for it in the same manner as any other new water service connection.

(c) Where a water meter has been purchased from the City for the purpose of determining charges for usage of water provided by the City, the City shall repair or replace said meter, provided the meter has failed due to ordinary wear and usage. Specifically excluded from this definition are meters which have been subjected to damages originated or caused by the owner or occupant of the premises being served, or resulted from negligence by the owner or the occupant or acts of vandalism not under the control of the City. (1993 Code 53.04)


(a) Where it is deemed necessary for the safety of the public water system, the Director of Public Works will give notice to the water consumer that an approved backflow prevention device must be installed. The water consumer shall, at his own expense, install such an approved device at a location and in a manner approved by the City Water Department and shall have inspections and tests made of such approved devices as required by current Department Policies.

(b) No person, firm, or corporation shall establish or permit to be established, or maintain or permit to be maintained, any connection whereby a private, auxiliary, or emergency water supply other than the regular public water supply of the City may enter the supply or distributing system of the City unless such private auxiliary or emergency water supply and the method of connection and use of such supply and the method of connection shall have been approved by the City and by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.


The fee for accessing the water system in the City shall be as follows:

(a) For access to a water main where the City does not participate in the cost of construction of said water main:

(1) Residential:

A. Single family dwelling: $4,000.

B. Multiple family dwelling: Based on the size of the water service entry branch for the first unit, plus $600 per each additional unit.

(2) Hotel/motel: Based on the size of the water service entry branch for the first unit, plus $300 per each additional unit.

(3) Commercial/industrial: Fees to be based on the size of the water service entry branch as follows:
Inches Fee
5/8 - 3/4-inch $4,300
1.0-inch $4,700
1.5-inch $6,900
2.0-inch $11,300
3.0-inch $19,400
4.0-inch $21,400
6.0-inch $32,100
8.0-inch $50,000
(b) For access to a water main where the City participates in the cost of construction of said water main: twice the charges specified in division (a).

(c) The access fee for a multiple purpose building shall be based on the number of residential units plus the commercial/industrial fees as specified in division (a) or (b) above.

(d) Access fees not enumerated shall be determined by the Utilities Committee of Council and in proportion to fees for uses shown above. The Utilities Committee of Council shall hear and decide appeals from determination of fees.

(e) An additional fee shall be charged for each unit created or added to a consumer's premises in excess of the number for which access fees have been paid to the City and shall be calculated as additional units. Additional fees for commercial/industrial additions or expansions shall be charged only if the size of the water service entry branch is increased or an additional water service entry branch is added. If the water service entry branch size is increased, charges shall be calculated based on the difference of fees for the existing size and the new size. Additional water service entry branches will be charged the same as specified in divisions (a) and (b) above.

(Ordinance. 39-01, Passed 8-21-01)

(Ordinance 20-05, Passed 6-7-05)

(Ordinance 7-14, Passed 4/1/14)

(Ordinance 5-23. Passed 3.21.23)


In addition to the aforesaid entry fees, in the event che City supplies any labor, rnatenal, or equipment for making a connection to the water system, the property owner or his agent shall pay the following charges to the Public Works Department within days after receipt of the bill for the charges:

(a) Labor at City cost plus 25%;
(b) Material at City cost plus 15%;
(c) City equipment as determined by the Director of Public Works;
(d) Rental equipment at City cost, including operator, if any, plus 15%. (1993 Code 53.16)

(c) Penalty for Late Payment. Statements for water and sewage services are due when mailed. If not paid by the date set forth on the statement, a 5% penalty shall be assessed. (1993 Code 53.17)

(d) Reconnection Fee. Prior to the reconnection of a disconnected water service, a reconnection fee of twenty-5 dollars ($25) during the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Reconnections shall be made between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on weekdays. (Ord. 38-2000. Passed 11-21-00. )


(a) (1) Effective with the November 1, 1985 billing, the following shall be the monthly rates for the supplying of water system service by the City.
Gallons Rate
First 2,000 (minimum) $4
Next 2,000 $1.60 per 1,000 gallons
Next 6,000 $1.20 per 1,000 gallons
Next 90,000 $1 per 1,000 gallons
Over 100,000 $0.75 per 1,000 gallons

(2) A meter reading shall be to the nearest 1,000 gallons consumed.

(3) The rates set forth above shall be increased each year on the anniversary date of the effective date of the billing period set forth in division (a)(1) above unless the Council of the City takes action by ordinance to cancel the increase in rates prior to the effective date as follows:

Gallons Rate
First 2,000 (minimum) $0.20
Next 2,000 $0.10 per 1,000 gallons
Next 6,000 $0.05 per 1,000 gallons
Next 90,000 $0.05 per 1,000 gallons
Over 100,000 $0.05 per 1,000 gallons

(4) The above rates shall apply to each single-family dwelling; house-trailer; mobile home; business or other like user of water and each unit of a duplex; double-house; apartment building; multi-purpose building; or other like use.

(5) The minimum charge-first 2 thousand gallons fee set forth in subsection (a) hereof for motels as defined in Section 939.11 shall be based upon 50% of the number of units available for occupancy at said motel.

(6) The deposit for service is required to be paid by residential homeowners and commercial users of water shall be fifty dollars ($50) payable at such time as the user of water service requests such service or at such time as service is actually furnished, whichever occurs first. This deposit may be returned to the customer after 1 year of good standing as a Harrison municipal water customer. A member of good standing requires that there be a zero balance at the time of the request for the deposit to be returned and that at no time has the customer been delinquent in its payments of its utility bills to the City of Harrison.

(7) The deposit for service required to be paid by renters and leaseholders of property shall be $200 payable at such time as the user of water service requests such service or at such time as service is actually furnished, whichever first occurs.

All deposits will be applied to the final bill. A refund will be issued if and overage of 5 dollars ($5) or more is remaining from the deposit.

(Ord. 20-05. Passed 6-7-05) .

(Ord. 7-14. Passed 4-1-14)


Should a request for consideration of a water billing be deemed reasonable by the Director of Utilities, 1-half of the billing shall be paid when due, pending final disposition by the Director. The decision of the Director shall be final and the balance owed, if any, shall be paid within 7 days, or a refund, if any, shall be paid within 7 days. It is to be understood that any decision by the Director shall not necessarily establish a precedent for any future request for the consideration of a water billing. (1993 Code 53.28 )


The foregoing charges are minimum charges, not maximum charges, and the City reserves the right and is obligated to increase the same at any tune should the revenues of the water system prove insufficient to pay the operating and maintenance expenses and the debt service charges of the bonds issued to pay the costs of the system, and to refund outstanding bonds. (1993 Code 53.29 )


The City through its system does not guarantee any user full volume, fixed pressure, or an effective, continuous supply of water as such matters are subject to the varying conditions which may affect the operation and maintenance of the mains, services, pumping stations, reservoirs, and other parts of the system. (1993 Code 53.30 )


Charges for services furnished the inhabitants of the City and other users of the water system and by the system shall be rendered and collected monthly by the Utilities Office on the same bill and at the same time as charges for sewer service, and the payment of the sewer charge may not be accepted without payment of the water charge. (1993 Code 53.31 )


(a) All water service furnished by the City through its water system to its inhabitants and other users, shall be billed and paid in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter and no free service shall be furnished to any user except the City. (1993 Code 53.32)

(b) Should the bill for any service rendered by the water system remain unpaid for a period of 60 days, the Utilities Office is authorized to cut off such service upon prior notice to the user in accordance with the Public Works Department policy, set forth in Section 939.24. (Ord. 38-2000. Passed 11-21-00 .)


Charge for returned checks is $25. (Former Section 939.25 was repealed by Ordinance 38-2000, passed November 21, 2000 )


A connection charge shall be made for all connections within and without the corporate limits. This charge shall be fixed by City Council. (1993 Code 53.35 )


(a) A monthly charge shall be made for each fire service branch serving private premises, based on its size at the main, as provided for by division (b) below.

(b) The minimum charges within City limits for general consumers shall be as follows.
Service Size (inches) Monthly Charge
5/8-inch $1.75
3/4-inch $2
1-inch $2.50
1 l/2 inch $3.25
2-inch $5
3-inch $6
4-inch $8
6-inch $16
8-inch $22
10-inch $25
12-inch $25

(c) A fire service branch from the main shall not be used for other than firefighting purposes, except when a dual service has been approved by the Director of Utilities.

(d) Where a fire service branch has outlets such as fire hydrants or hose outlets, and was installed prior to the regulations requiring detector check meters, the Director of Utilities shall seal each outlet. The seal shall not be broken except when necessary for firefighting.

(e) It shall be the responsibility of the owners of the property served, or their agents, to obtain permission from the Director of Utilities in advance of using water from a fire protection service for any purpose, including fire drills and pressure testing of a fire protection system. The Director of Utilities, upon granting permission to use water from a fire protection service, shall arrange to have an inspector visit the premises for the purpose of resealing outlets, reading the detector check meter, and estimating the amount of water used, to be billed by the Department. In no case shall the charge be less than $10.

(f) The Director may order a fire service branch metered and converted to a domestic account to be billed at the monthly rates for general consumers provided for by division (b) above for any of ~e following reasons.

(1) Use of water for other than firefighting purposes. Flushing of debris, clean up or flushing of spillage, watering of dumps and other dry areas, shall not be considered as firefighting purposes.

(2) Failure to repair a leak or leaks on the fire service service branch or fire protection system.

(3) Use of water to control or extinguish self-made fires.

(4) Unauthorized breaking of a seal or seals on outlets of a fire protection system.

(5) Registration on a detector check meter indicating unauthorized use of water. (1993 Code 53.36 )


(a) (1) The charge for various meter sizes installed on a temporary basis shall be:
Meter Size (inches) Meter Charge
3/4-inch $50
5/8-inch $50
1-inch $110
1 l/2-inch $250
2 $350

(2) The said fee shall be paid at the time said temporary meter is installed.

(b) The fee for water used through the temporary water meter shall be at the rate of $3 per 1000 gallons of water used. The fee shall be paid in full by the user at the time the temporary water meter is returned to the Utilities Department of the City.

(1) Any applicant for metered or unmetered temporary construction water shall complete the appropriate application and furnish such information as may be required by the Director of Utilities.

(2) If, at the time application is made for a temporary meter, the Public Works Director determines that a meter is inappropriate and that the water usage should be unmetered, the user shall be charged a fee of $100 and payment at the rate of $3 per 1000 gallons of water used shall be made based upon the amount estimated to be used as determined by the Public Works Director. Said-estimated amount shall be paid to the City by the user at the time said estimate is made by the Public Works Director.

(3) In the event the Director of Utilities determines that the estimate of usage was too low or that the user is using at a rate greater than determined at the time the estimate was made, the Director of Utilities shall make a new estimate and the user shall pay an additional amount based upon $3 per 1000 gallons of water used based upon the new estimate.

(c) Any user of unmetered temporary construction water shall be responsible for the hook-up and maintenance of all water lines utilized by said user. (1993 Code 53.37 )


(a) Any person found guilty of having removed, installed, altered, or in any manner tampered with, any water meter, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree.

(b) Whoever shall violate or fail to comply with any of the provisions of Sections 939.06 to 939.15 for which no penalty is specifically provided, is guilty of a minor misdemeanor and each day of noncompliance shall be a separate violation.

(c) Whoever violates Section 939.03 is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. Each day of violation shall be a separate offense.


(a) No person except an authorized Water Department employee shall remove a water meter without the permission of the Director. Where a meter is found to have been unlawfully removed, the water shall be shut off forthwith and proper charges made for estimated amount of water used. The water shall not be turned on again until the meter is reinstalled or a payment -equal to the cost of the meter, testing and installation is paid to the Harrison Water Department. (Ord. 18-93. Passed 7-20-93 .)


(a) The Director shall, at the request of any consumer and upon payment by such a consumer of the prescribed charge, install a remote meter register which will permit the reading of the consumer's water meter without entering the building in which the meter is located or which will permit the reading of the meter by entering some portion of the building designated by the consumer, provided, however, the location of the remote meter register shall be subject to the approval of the Director in order to insure that it will be reasonably accessible to the meter reader.

If a remote meter is serving the premises, the inside register is controlling for bill payment purposes should there be a discrepancy between the inside and outside registers. Occasional access to the inside register must be provided for service during normal working hours and to read the inside register for final billings.

(b) Application for a remote meter register may be made by a property owner or his authorized agent for a 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, or 1 inch meter. All charges shall be paid in advance. Where not feasible to install, the installation charge shall be refunded.

(c) Remote registers will not be installed inside any enclosure which can be locked.

(d) Remote meter registers shall be installed by authorized employees of the Water Department only. The Water Department shall not be responsible for defacement or damage to property caused by necessary holes, fastenings, or other work required for proper installation.

(e) The Water Department will maintain remote register under -the same provisions as meters are maintained.

(f) Remote registers may not be installed to relieve the owner of the responsibility of placing the meter outside where required by regulations. (Ord. 18-93. Passed 7-20-93 .)

20) 943.05 CHARGES

(a) The Director is hereby authorized to fix reasonable charges, subject to approval by the Mayor, for pipe, cocks, meters, metering devices, fittings, remote meter registers and appurtenances to be furnished for water service installations and to establish standard specifications therefore.

(b) Charges for installation of remote meter registers, including all necessary parts and connections, shall be determined by the Director. Registers, fastenings, and connections shall remain the property of the Water Department and may not be moved from 1 setting to another. The feasibility of installation of the remote meter register will be determined by the Water Department.

(c) A charge based on the current cost to the Harrison Water Department to repair or replace any remote register or connections thereto, necessitated by damage or neglect by the consumer or owner, shall be made. It shall be at the discretion of the Water Department whether to repair or replace a remote register but the charge for repair may not exceed the total cost of a new remote register and the installation of such. This charge shall be separate and in addition to any charge for meter repairs provided elsewhere. (Ord. 18-93. Passed 7-20-93.)