We are emailing two important updates Harrison residents need to know about their water and electric services: Work continues on the City's water softener, and the energy aggregation program provides stability of costs.

The City's Public Works Department is completing the installation of a water softener and the projected date for activation is pushed to August. When activated, the water softening will be phased-in over a six-week period. At the end of the six weeks, residents may choose to bypass their water softeners for a few weeks to determine if they want to soften their water more.

The reverse osmosis system will process 1.5 million gallons per day, reducing hardness of tap water and corrosion of pipelines. The final softened water will be supplied at 140 mg/L of CaCo3, or 8 grains per gallon of hardness.

Before the equipment is turned on, electrical work, inspections and testing will be completed at the water plant. The City will share updates on its website (harrisonohio.gov), Facebook and Twitter pages when activation begins. Residents are encouraged to subscribe for notifications.

The City's water plant provides safe drinking water for 13,000 residents and local businesses.

The City has worked closely with Energy Alliances to establish a cost-stabilizing program for electricity. The utility aggregation program provides electricity through a supplier called Dynegy (an alternative to Duke Energy). Households in the City were enrolled in this program in 2019, unless they chose to opt out. You can still opt out by using this link.

Recently, representatives from other energy companies have solicited business from residents. Energy Alliances is pricing a new program that will provide a better rate, soon. Residents who have questions about the utility aggregation program are encouraged to call Energy Alliances at (800) 735-0359. An information sheet has also been provided that may address common questions.

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