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Citizen Spotlight Nomination


    First, tell us a little about yourself. 


    In the form fields below, tell us about the person you are nominating for the City of Harrison Citizen Spotlight.

  3. Why you are nominating this person for the City of Harrison Citizen Spotlight? You can describe a specific action, good deed or ongoing activities. Please provide a few sentences, at a minimum.

  4. This is not required, but please list any community groups, public service projects, school or church activities that your nominee is involved in.

  5. Please upload a photo that you have permission to share.  

  6. By submitting this form, you consent for the City of Harrison to use any of the information and uploaded files. You verify that the nominee has agreed to share this information. Submitting this form does not guarantee recognition, but the nominee's name, contributions and photo may be shared by the City in official communications such as (but not limited to) newsletters, websites and social media. 

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